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Funfair, fun outfit!

Look at the focus!

When it’s suuuper sunny outside but not quite warm enough to go in the sea, what do you do? GO TO THE PIER! I’ve always loved the pier, partly because there’s always so much food, but also because there’s so much to do.


Arcades are the best! 2p machines and motorbike racing – that’s my idea of fun! I’m still yet to win at anything but hey, it’s the taking part that counts right? Before our stop at the arcade we picked up an ice cream which was DELISH (I had mint choc chip) but unfortunately I demolished it before I had the chance to snap a pic. Oops.


Next up on our pier adventure was the Funfair! Oh boy, I’m terrified of the rickety old “rollercoasters”, but I’m always up for a go on bumper cars or the carousel. Can you really go to a funfair without buying Candy Floss? No, is the answer. The little plastic tokens for the rides will cost you an arm and a leg, but you’ll have the best time!


Shall I show you my outfit now?


Look at that fly away in the middle of my head! It’s had enough of me! 

This is a trend I’ve been seeing on social media a lot. It’s the t-shirt over a dress look. The main inspo comes from Acacia Brinley. I feel like you either love or hate this look, but after wearing it for the day, I can definitely say I love it. It’s so quirky and cute! I used a little summer dress from H&M which I bought a few years ago which is really lightweight and comfy. For the top I actually used a band top from 1988 which my boyfriend brought over one time. I love the bright colours of it and wanted to include it in my little t-shirt dress adventure! I wanted to go for a cool, casual vibe so to finish I wore my black and white Converse. I basically live in these as they’re the comfiest shoes ever!



Towards the end of the day we grabbed a coffee and chilled on the grass, chatting and playing frisbee! It was a lovely day!

What do you think of the t-shirt over dress trend? Would you wear it?

Em x



8 thoughts on “Funfair, fun outfit!”

  1. Your outfit is cute! 🙂
    Arcades and relaxing days are the best type of days! Always makes me feel like a child again when I go to the arcades. 2p machines are still addictive!

    Amy x

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